Helping Women & Teens Be Happy, Joyous, and Free

Are you a person who’s had a hard life? Have you been feeling trapped by the actions your parents or siblings took, or stuck in your own unhealthy ways of coping – like overeating, using drugs, drinking too much, and letting your frustration and anger explode into rage?

Are you a teen struggling with low self-esteem? Are you feeling angry, sad, frustrated or discouraged about being in trouble at school and at home? Maybe you feel lost, like you don’t belong, get bullied, or feel misguided when all you want is to feel good about yourself.

I want to help you get control of your anger, lower frustration, finding your own unique and wise inner strength, and start treating yourself with the smart love that you deserve.

As a licensed master social worker and certified advanced addictions counselor, I will work with you to improve all areas of your life.

With my culturally responsive, time-limited, solution focused, and client-centered approach to change you can learn to strengthen your relationships, improve your parenting skills, heal from the hurts and resentments of your childhood, and overcome overeating and other substance abuse.

More importantly, you can learn how valued and worthy you are as a unique human being, and you will begin to love yourself and treat yourself with the respect you deserve.

Nothing gets better by waiting.

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